August 16, 2006

Why I Love September

Seems a bit strange to write that title in the middle of August I know. Still I have been talking a lot recently about the month of September and the beginning of school this week so I have decided to blog about it.

We take off much, if not all, of the month of September. When people ask when school starts for us I generally say the first week of October, though sometimes we start the last week of September. And no we don't school year round we take nice long summer breaks.

This year we have a family vacation to California planned for the first week of September. My brother is getting married and then we extended our stay to visit Serona's sister and her family. We will return after most kids have started back to school. Then for the next two or three weeks we will spend some of my favorite time of the school year together as a family doing lots of fun stuff.

As the big yellow school bus drives by we may still be playing outside enjoying the yard or getting a late start to a day at the zoo. The first two weeks of school are the ABSOLUTE BEST time to enjoy all the local museums, zoos and any place that is usually crowded with kids. The reason is most kids are back in school and school field trips have not begun yet.

We have spent the entire day at the MN History Center and been the only people at the exhibits. We have taken our time at all the zoo exhibits never feeling rushed, we have explored the science museum without experiencing the usual pushing and shoving and rowdiness of the school groups. We do typically go to three or four locations each week and simply enjoy ourselves.

I find this to be a great transition back into school. My kids will bring their sketchbooks and draw a picture or take notes about something they observed. Sometimes we follow up at the library to pick up more books on a subject and sometimes we just enjoy the exhibits. By the time everyone else is getting ready to start going to these locations we are done and ready to settle into school. I find the museums whet my kids appetite for learning while at the same time really brings home some of the advantages of homeschooling as they see their friends get on a bus and start up their long days again.

The weather in September is also typically beautiful and fall is my favorite season. We go on nature walks and explore the parks and enjoy our yard and the playground. We talk about plants and enjoy the arboretum. We watch the leaves start to turn and enjoy the extended summer. September is a wonderful month for us indeed! Take a little time now to plan some fun activities and events for your first weeks of school, let the books wait just a little longer and enjoy that magical time when your kids are home and so many others are not. Enjoy September!


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