August 23, 2006

Red Cast

Rhiannon has a bright red cast on her left arm. She broke her ring finger yesterday playing at the gym. She just feel while she was running, it could have happened anywhere. After several hours of running to different doctors and locations she was ready to get a cast.

When she got her cast the first thing she thought of was that she was going to be in a wedding (a flower girl) and wanted a white cast to match her dress. She was discouraged from white because it will get very dirty so she choose red to match the bridesmaid dresses and the second color in her own. She was also sad that she can not go swimming in the Pacific ocean with her uncle.

All in all though she has been quite a trooper through this. Bummer it is the last three weeks of summer though. No more swimming, biking and other various outdoor activities she loves so much.


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