August 21, 2006

My Baby is Three

Well Sirah is now three. For the first time I don't have babies and even toddlers - she seems so much older than three already even though she is tiny in size. We had a great day to celebrate her birthday. We made a nice big family breakfast and then headed to the Mall of America to ride on some of her favorite rides. Then we had some friends over for a little BBQ and cake party for her. The kids played together, the parents chatted and a good time was had.

She received several nice gifts and I think her favorite was her Share Bear Care Bear. Sirah has been asking for a care bear for a long time and I think the wait made her really enjoy it more. She has been carrying it everywhere with her and sleeping with it. She also loves the special necklace daddy got her and the book we found that is a two book in one (Papa's Wild Child/Mama's Wild Child).

For the kids birthdays we have two traditions that I really love. We make them a fresh flower crown for them to wear and we purchase a special and meaningful book and then write something special inside it for them. I think these mean just as much to me as to them.

I usually try to recall the child's birth story on their birthday. Sirah's is one I don't think I will ever forget so it is easy to remember because it was so hard on me. But she is worth it! I need to hug and hold her cuddling close more and more now as the time of that is coming to an end. Still there is freedom in how she is growing too, she is so much more independent now. I love her smiles and her babyish giggle still and Serona loves the way she kisses his nose.


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