August 15, 2006

Irish Fair

We went to the Irish fair in St Paul, MN this past weekend. We have been there several years and really enjoy it as a family. There are many fun activities and events to participate in or just watch, not to mention the many interesting vendors to look at and all the Irish people you see. OK so many of them are like me and are American Irish, or Americans who are from Irish descent. Still I was raised with lots of Irish traditions, it seems at times my family simply called anything they wanted to stick around a tradition and it had long standing power. I love that about my family. I have a patient husband who realized that by joining our "clan" he suddenly was IBM - Irish by Marriage. He has been a great sport about it and joined right in and is passing that on to our children.

At the fair we watched hurling, the kids even learned how to play and played some. We of course watched some Irish step dance and listened to good Irish music. We watched sheep herding and the kids sang a folk song taking turns singing in the mike with lots of other kids as well. We looked around at lots of interesting Irish vendors and somehow managed not to spend too much money at them. It was a beautiful day, though a bit hot, and we all had a lot of fun.

I wondered if seeing the step dancers would encourage Rhiannon to want to take Irish dance again and it did to a point. Still there are many other things she wants to try first so I think the dance lessons are on hold for now. We are pretty limiting in how many activities we allow the kids to do at any given time otherwise I think she would still be in Irish dance as she did enjoy it and she loves watching them dance.

The St. Paul Irish fair is a great free family event. The only downsides, the food is not very vegetarian friendly and they don't serve Guinness!! This was a tough one for me to swallow - no Guinness at the Irish festival - something is just not right! I am sorry but Summit Stout does not even come close! Wish I had realized that before we made our beverage and food ticket purchases. Still, if you are ever in the neighborhood during the Irish fair in August be sure to give it a try.


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  1. Did you see Gaelic Storm? I only heard the first five songs of the show and then we had to get going.

    Which dance school did you like best? I thought my daughter's school, corda mor, rocked the house!