July 20, 2007

Babysitter's Music

Okay does it make us strange that we listen to much of the same music as our babysitters? We use streaming internet radio for our primary music and since our babysitters have no television options when they are at our house we have shown them how to use our music service and allow them to save their own playlists.

I came home recently one night to discover that more than half of the music on her playlist I listen to and I tried out some of her other bands and enjoyed them. This is not a unique circumstance. About a year ago with a new babysitter she came in the door and Serona was singing one of her favorite songs.

Now I am sure that loads of our music they would not enjoy but we do have a bit of overlap. I must give the credit (or fault?)for this to Serona as I would not have purposefully discovered some of these bands but over time I have come to enjoy them.

Serona and I have very different taste in music for the most part since I focus on lyrics and he focuses on chords and riffs the music not the words. He also grew up loving heavy heavy music where I had a short lived fling with heavy metal music and then gave it completely up and can barely tolerate anything of the like anymore. But the more punky music I enjoy so long as the lyrics are okay (which in many they are not). You see I am trying to find some common ground music with Serona as much of the loud music he really enjoys have lyrics that I simply can not stand and I can't even listen because of that. Furthermore some of the bands use screaming (literally) as another instrument and no matter how much Serona tries to explain it to me I simply don't "appreciate" it the way he does. So in my search for common ground I found harder Christian music (which has improved considerably over the years). Basically if I admit to it this common ground is simply put teenager music. So that is why my babysitters like the same music because truthfully we like their music.

The Christian Sonshine Music festival for Minnesota was recently not that far from us. Serona and I looked over the list and really wanted to go as we really enjoy a lot of the bands who were there. We decided it would simply be too much for our little ones. Several of my friends were taking their teenage sons to the concerts and I wondered a bit if that was weird because I can not even pretend it is my kids music since they are 8 6 and 3 and not interested at all in much of this music. In the end it is probably just as well I did not go so it would not come up in the fall when I teach these kids in our homeschool cooperative.

Serona and I are used to being the babies of our friends and especially within the homeschool community. My friends are great and accepting of the age difference and we all get along as if there was no difference and really we are not that far apart though music is an area where it tends to show up more. Both in what we like now and in what the music of our childhood/teens and college years were. I guess realizing that I really do enjoy the music of many of my friends kids and not because I wanted to learn to like the music of that generation was weird to me. I guess it is just one more thing like the Star Wars thing for us. Maybe some day it will be used for good and I can teach a music class or something since this fall I am teaching a Star Wars class.


  1. I don't think your tastes as shown above are so different than a lot of Christian adults who grew up with classic rock. Those bands appeal to classic rock fans, I think, and as believers we can get behind the message, too. I find more and more parents of Christian teens like the same music that their kids do.

    Of course, one of my kids likes classical and musicals, so he's always telling my rock/metal loving dh to "turn it down!"

  2. I showed Hockeyboy your post and he hooted and hollered! He thinks you rock - literally.