July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Rhiannon

Rhiannon is 8 years old now and will be heading into 3rd grade this fall. Everyone always told me the years and time flies by in the blink of an eye but I have not felt that way with my kids so far, maybe some day I will. It has not felt too fast or too slow but just right. For her birthday card this year we printed out a sheet of pictures one from each year - as I looked at the pictures and reflected on our lives together I could not help but smile.

In her 8 years she has lived in three states and seven homes. For not being a military kid that is quite a bit. She is a fairly flexible child and used to change. She adopts our "One never knows what this crazy clan will do" philosophy with enthusiasm and seems to enjoy it. I looked over the picture and I see variety yet some consistency as well.

Rhiannon loves reading, horses, fairies, American Girls, reading, rocks and fossils, gin rummy, art, reading, swimming, biking, fort building, creating plays, dress-up, oh and reading.

She has brought us so much joy over these years and I love having the opportunity to homeschool her and be the one to share her learning with her. To be the one to watch the light bulb go and and see her get excited about things. I selfishly love all the time we have together as mother and daughter and as a family.

This year I have watched her introduced to things from my childhood like the Bobsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Spirograph, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie and several other things that she enjoys now that I recall enjoying as a girl her age. I get to discover new things with her and watch her passion for them grow. Things like the Disney Fairies, American Girl historical characters, rock collecting and horses. It is so much fun to see her grow and to be such a part of that.

Happy Birthday Rhiannon and thanks for all the memories

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  1. Your kids are all just a little older than my 3. It is fun to hear about their accomplishments, and also to get a feel for where my kids might need to be at the next level. Thanks for sharing.