July 11, 2007

Excitement of Nature

Watching my kids in nature is great fun. They get extremely excited over the precious little things. We were on a nature hike with friends and the mom asked me if they were more excited because they were with others or if it is always like this. I said it is always like this, they get very excited in a way that is hard to express in a blog.

Sirah's mood can change in an instant if a frog, butterfly, catterpillar, interesting insect or really any critter is discovered. She could have been crying seconds before and suddenly she is running with a great big smile so excited to see the newest find. Her excitement is contagious as she rushes to you to get the bug cage or to show you the newest frog. It really brings a smile to everyone around her.

Ciaran is loud and proud. He is so happy when he catches something and he wants to share it with you. He is jumpy like a frog when he finds something until he shares it with everyone and has a moment to enjoy it - then he slowly calms down. That is until the next thing is found and the excitement loop starts again.

Rhiannon is a bit more staid in her reaction. She is excited like the others but less expressive of that, unless it is butterflies. She has always had a thing for butterflies that is hard to contain. She does get excited for the other finds as well but expresses it more calmly.

Being out in nature is always fun and interesting with my kids. I love their excitement and pure joy.

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