July 15, 2007

Grumpy Daddy

Hi everyone,
this is Tenn's DH, Serona.
After much talking about it but little real action Tenn signed me up for weightwatchers. Yep, the 150 lb frame that married Tenn 10 years ago has gained 100 lbs to weigh in at the start at 250.

The thing about this is that I don't suffer from a lack of self-esteem. I have a positive self image, I feel comfortable, am fairly active (biking, hiking, working out at the gym with less than desirable regularity, but I do it), and am generally happy. Oh, I also have a clean bill of health (but for the weight) from the good Doctor.

Maybe I'm wrong but I always thought folks started dieting because they either had 0 self esteem or because a Dr ordered it. I know I'm not in either of those categories. Either way, I know that this is the *right* thing to do, so I'll do it.

Tenn is great. She's really encouraging and helping with meals and planning, and talking about what is good and what is not. I'm not an "eat for comfort" guy. I'm a vegetarian (ovo-lacto) and simply enjoy eating. I don't gorge but my portions are WAY big (at least according to weight watchers). Sheesh, it sounds like I'm in denial. I don't *feel* like I'm in denial. Oh well.

So I'm on day 2, and grumpy. I'm grumpy at the marketing blather that "you can eat what you want" which is BS. If I could eat what I want I wouldn't be on the plan, eh? I'm grumpy at the 0 - point foods like water (mmmmmmmmmm!) or chard (read: beet leaves) or tobasco (thirsty?). I'm grumpy that Dove bars are 6 points per (that should be like a meal according to WW), that mayonnaise is right out(what goes on the fries?), and that they think things like oil & vinegar dressing is "just as good as" creamy peppercorn ranch (....peeeepppppppeeeerrrr ccooooorrrrrrnnnn raaaaaaaannnncccchhh....).

But we'll see what happens. I'll post here with Tenn to keep y'all aprised of the journey and to create some built in accountability. Discipline has never been a strong suit of mine but maybe this will help. This diet should be a hoot when I travel to China and Japan and Australia, as if being a vegetarian over there were not bad enough. I wonder how many points Sake is?

Now, time for lunch. Where was my 1/2 cup of apple?

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