July 28, 2007

Grumpy Daddy 2 Weeks Later

Hey All.
This is Tenn's DH, Serona.
It's two weeks into my first ever "real" diet. You can read HERE about how I started Weight Watchers (now for MEN). And the results are mixed. (Don't worry you say. everyone goes through ups and downs you say) BOSH. My weight is actually doing just fine, thank you. Actually, it's doing great. I started at 250 and unless we got a new "self-esteem scale" then I've lost 14 pounds. (That's like a Chipotle Burrito -
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chiiiiiiiippoooooooootleeeeeeeeeee. Excuse me while I mop up my drool).

The biggest thing I've learned is portions. Basically what you and I used to put on our plates is about a week's worth of food. You know that one time you read the food label on the side of the cereal box or the pasta box or Twix wrapper and you see things like "serving size: 1/4 cup" or "serving size: 1 bar" and you scoffed? "Who measures out individual noodles? Who would only eat 1/4 cup of Mac and Cheese?" You would wonder this or even say it aloud as you shovel snow-shovel quantities of the cheesy or chocolaty goodness into your mouth. (Ok, maybe I'm projecting here. I know I would say that!) Well I have the answer: People on Weight Watcher!

I've become a portions Nazi. "Sorry, Tenn. You gave me two spaghetti noodles too many." "No thanks, I shouldn't have another helping of that conference food catering. (grumble grumble grumble). I'll just have some more ... WATER." Yeah. water. It's so filling and wonderful (NOT!)

Still the results don't suck.

Now I'm off to Asia for a lengthy business trip. The diet will provide me with a good excuse to not try the octopus eyeballs and snake wine. We will see how well portion control works overseas. They're all so skinny over there (seriously, when was the last time you saw a FAT Asian? Never? Yeah, thought so.)

So, while I may still be grumpy daddy sometimes, at least now I'm not-as-fat-as-i-used-to-be-grumpy-daddy.

Until next time. Cheers.


  1. You know what sucks? How easy it is for men to lose weight!!! ;-)

    Glad it's working for you, really!!!

  2. Great work. I wish I had the self control. I hope you have a great trip. You may not get back to Asia so try just one octopus eyeball and let us know if it tastes like chicken(actually tofuuuuuuuuuu).

    Hang in there Grumpy

    Love Dad

  3. My Dh got suckered into jellyfish soup. But he managed to avoid the monkey brains.

    Asia is not on my list of places to visit. EWWWWW!

    WTG on the weightloss and, btw, I don't like you. I've been on a diet for 2 weeks and lost 5 pounds total. It's just not fair.

  4. Men do lose weight faster than women - fun when your accountability partner is your husband then! He is doing great and I am so proud of him, grumpies and all.

    A few have asked so yes I am also doing weight watchers with him. My first two weeks with the program were not quite as exceptional as his but still my progress was great. I have lost 5 pounds each week for a total of 10 in 2 weeks! I am pleased with that.

    Of course I know that is mostly water weight and expect the rate of loss to go down soon but I will enjoy it as long as it lasts. The toughest thing for me has been trying to provide and track all the meals, nutrition and points for both of us while keeping the kids happy and not getting overly focused on food and not spending too much time or money on it! And figuring out what to do with all the leftovers we suddenly have!