October 5, 2005

Flood Lesson Plan

WE have been studying Noah's Ark this week and it has been raining and raining and raining here. So much in fact that a nearby pond has flooded over into the grassy areas. Today the kids and I put on mud boots, raincoats and the like and went for a walk and then they ended up playing in nearly knee high pond water that was in the grass. It was very messy, the pond has a lot of duck weed. It was also very fun for them. Until the weather took a turn and they were wet and then cold. We had to head home but not before they ran through the fields to make the geese fly off and honk. Why is it kids love doing that?

When we came home after we cleaned up from our mess, Rhia and I did some work on floods. Reading about them and then playing some games online. Here are a few of the resources we used. Some were better then others, but here are the ones we tried.

PBS Saves the Books From the Flood Game

Drive to Safety Game
Build Drainage Pipes
FEMA Education and Math Games
Printable Board Game
Noah's Ark Save the Animals Game

We went through pictures of a variety of floods, looked at some books and through some educational websites. Rhiannon particularly liked this FloodPlain one.

Be sure to tune in tommorrow to find out about our very big art project we have planned.


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