October 3, 2005

Of Books and Countertops

Having a two year old is always good for some laughs when you should be serious. Yesterday getting things ready for dinner and I walk into the kitchen to find Sirah standing on top of the counter opening the cabinet and trying to take out dishes. She was trying to help. She moved a stool over to the counter, climbed it like a ladder, stepped across from the eh seat to the cabinet and was taking things out.

Sirah is a very cute but petite little two year old so it was funny to watch. I should have been mad but I had to stifle a laugh. Of course she was reprimanded but after both Serona and I left the room to let out the laughter we stifled.

Later that same evening after being put to bed we returned to check on her to find her sitting in her doorway on a tiny doll chair with a book in her lap, flipping through a book "reading". It was too cute, another moment we had to try to be stern when we just wanted to laugh and tell her how cute she was or go run and find the camera.

Kids have a way with you. It is important to be firm I know. But it is also important to enjoy and treasure those funny silly moments. To let your kids know how cute they are, yet that their cuteness is not going to get them out of being obedient. Still having a two year old reminds us to loosen up and see the positives. We have a helpful two year old who loves to "read"!

Enjoy your silly moments today.

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