October 13, 2005

Pyramids and Towers

This week we have been focusing on construction I suppose. Our bible story and discussions have centered around the Tower of Babel and our history lessons around the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.

We used block to build the Tower of Babel and we worked together and then spoke different language to try to complete it. Ciaran and Sirah especially liked when I just babbled and made up crazy noises. Rhiannon was much more upset that it was not "real" and only wanted to participate when we were using other real languages. The tower fell and we talked about the lesson.

We also made a the great pyramid and the Sphinx out of legos. Then made all three pyramids out of legos and took pictures. Rhia had fun doing this activity. We also tried a game of making pyramids online at BBC Ancients. They also have several other games and interactive items about Egypt and the Pyramids. We spent some time on this site together.

She did a dot to dot of the Sphinx and a word search on the Tower of Babel. We have had fun learning about how things are constructed and how involved the proccess is. From the types of items used to construct it, the people who construct it, the importance of a shared language and good communication and all the intricate details that go into making a project work.


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