October 6, 2005

Hazards of Homeschooling

Last night I realized there are some hazards they don't tell you about when you start homeschooling. Sentences uttered this week like:

No you may not glue the stools and board game together - Mommy to Sirah
Go fill the sink and wash all your animals - mommy to Ciaran
and the worst " I don't see a good reason why we can't do that" - Mom in response to two "projects" Rhiannon wanted to take on. Building the Nile River and building a large model of Noah's Ark!!!!!

So last night I found myself running around to grocery stores collecting banana boxes and all sorts of boxes and filling my van completely. The woman at the checkout said "good luck with your art" and my response was "This is the hazards of homeschooling they don't tell you about."

Right now my garage has around 30 large cardboard boxes and some paint and duct tape. We are awaiting the arrival of 10 kids and 3 parents and together we are going to build a large model of Noah's Ark.

As the weather took a turn for the worse (it is around 40 degrees here and windy) we will be working in my garage. The plan is to cut and tape boxes together with the duct tape and then paint them. We want to make it large enough for the kids to go inside of.

Check back later for updates on my insanity. All this came from Rhiannon watching a Christian video series by Karen Henley where she and some kids make a model of Noah's Ark with boxes and she asked - Can we do that? Please? As I could not really find a good reason to say no. I know many of you are ticking them off in your head and they have come to me since. I said "Sure!" Then once it was decided of course it is more fun and easier with more people so we invited friends. So here we are. I need to go get ready.


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  1. It's official. You're insane! ;)