October 3, 2005

Homemade Calendar

Toady we did a fun and easy activity. We made homemade calendars on the computer. We spent about an hour on this activity. We started with google images and Picasa2 - where we store our digital pictures. Rhiannon got to decide what she wanted each months picture to be. We talked about what we do during each month, what the weather is like, what our activities are and any special events or holidays that occur during each month. Then she would evaulate our discussion and she would pick a subject. I would type it into images.google.com and come up with a variety of pictures to choose from. She picked out the best of her choices and we saved them to a folder on the computer.

After she had choosen each picture, including some family pictures (like for birthdays) we opened up our digital camera software(we use HP Image Zone) and we used the calendar function in there to create one page for each month with a picture on top and the calendar boxes on bottom. I printed them out and stuck them in sheet protectors inside a small three ring binder.

She made a front cover for the binder and we finished up by having her write in all the upcoming field trips, activites and classes she is taking for the month of October. We talked about the different months, days of the week, dates and amount of time in a month.

It was a fun, easy and rewarding activity. It was free (minus costs of ink and paper) and meaningful to her. Now she has a calendar that she selected all the pictures for. Using google images made this quick and easy. If you have an extra hour or are looking for a project try this one it is fun.


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  1. Sounds really fun! Can't wait to get my computer up and running. I am using a family member's computer right now. All my pictures are on my PC and we have no internet connection in our room. :(