October 31, 2005

Horse Riding

Yesterday I went on a special date with my grandma. I got to go horse riding. I got to go through a walk, to a trot, to a canter, to a light run. I did a few jumps. I had ALOT of fun. I got to see a pony, got to ride a horse. I got to see a few goats. I saw a baby goat jump up on a tire. It was a fun date with my grandma. I wish you could have been there too.

There were two horses. One was named Country Rider and was a girl. There was also a boy. I rode Country Rider. She was very gentle. She let me get up on her back without taking off. I rode her all around the field.

I learned a few things. I learned that you don't usually use the reigns because it could make the horse mad. What I learned is that you use the reigns when you lean forward so your face is almost to the horse's mane and pull back on the reigns. It makes the horse go in circles. Horses don't like to go in circles, so it will stop.

Another thing I learned is that if you put your foot near the pony's rear it is the gas pump and that means "Speed Up Girl". You keep your foot in the front. It is very important to know how to ride a horse.

I'm very thankful for grandma and her friend who let me ride her horses.

By Rhiannon


  1. Hi Rhiannon :-)
    I love horse riding too. I used to have my own horse when I was younger. She was called Kizzy, and was a beautiful brown and white colour. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I have loads of lovely memories.
    I would love a horse of my own again one day.

  2. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Hi i would just like to clarify that that is not exactly how you ride a horse, and if you enjoyed it so much why not go along to your local riding school, horse riding is a truly worthwile hobby and im sure you will have as much fun as i do learning all about horses, i had one of my own,and have been riding since i was 3 (im now 17) now i am doing a national diploma in horse management and im still learning!!
    hope you enjoy it

    Katie xx