October 29, 2005

Mountain Climbing

Today we took a fall hike through the woods and up a small mountain in Maine. We hiked up French's Mountain. The kids all made it up to the top, it was a nice hike. A bit wet, a bit muddy but definately manageable. Even Sirah was able to hike all the way to the top with the assistance of holding Grandma's hand of course.

I was a bit nervous at the top with three young kids. Sirah (age 2) and Ciaran (age 4) needed to be held onto and did not wish to be held. The view was nice, especially for the ease of the climb we did.

Here is a small image of it

It is days like today that I am thankful for how often our kids are outside hiking. While we are not often able to hike up hills or mountains we do hike for good distances with the kids. They have made up to a five mile hike this summer. They enjoy being outside.

Ciaran true to form was able to find a little critter, a grub or worm of some sort at the top. Rhia and Ciaran collected leaves and Sirah got to ride the whole way down on daddy's back in her sling while her cousin (10 months old) was carried by his mom the whole time in his Baby Bjorn.

It was a nice way to spend a cool and crisp fall day. The vacation is going very well here. We are making the best of the cold weather and the kids enjoyed being able to throw their first snowballs with the little snow we discovered along the mountain path today.

Get out there and enjoy those last few days of fall before the cold settles in and the snow falls down. It is coming sooner than you think, unless of course you are already experiencing it.


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