March 21, 2007

Useful Websites

Here is a list of useful websites I put together for my support group's curriculum fair night. I have often quoted and listed these here. PLEASE add any ones you really love and use in the comments section. Thanks!

Ambleside Online
A free online Charlotte Mason styled curriculm divided by grade level. We use the art, music and nature study lesson plans as our guide. They also have many great links to free ebooks, including some tough to find classics.

Letter of the Week
A free online preschool curriculum based around studying one letter per week. Excellent ideas, resources and suggestions for lessons based around letters. Site is also expanding to include country and science of the week.

Grade Specefic Skill Builders
This is a website that has excellent games, links and skill builder websites for math, language arts, science and social studies. We have used many of the K-2nd grade links and enjoyed them.

Enchanted Learning
This is an optional membership site. To get all the privelages of the site you need to pay 20 per year. This has been my best 20 spent each year as their printables are far better and more comprehensive than others. I use this site atleast several times a week.

Excellent resource for preschoolers and early readers. Fun phonics related games, books and lessons. My kids have enjoyed this site ages 2-7.

Ben's Guide to Government
Simplistic and fun but realistic depiction of US social studies and how our government works

Google Images
This is a search engine just for images and pictures. Type your search term in and receive thousands of pictorial responses. You can also easily switch to the google search engine to find out more general resources.

Google Earth
A free downloadable satellite image tool that allows you to see satellite images of places throughout the world. You can also get a sense of how far countries are from each other and see such detail that you may find your own backyard. Great geography tool and fun as well.

Rhiannon's favorite math game

This is a silly but fun way to build in speed math drills for younger kids. Watching a chameleon kickbox for each answer they get right with the time clock getting shorter each round is fun!

I Know That

An interactive website for all subjects. I especially like their science lab games and their math games.

A Kids Heart
This is where I get all my free manuscript printouts. They also have other teacher printouts, some lesson plans and ideas for younger children.

Many free printable crafts and sheets, including bible activities - for the preschool to early elementary ages.

Learning Pages
Create and print free and custom worksheets on a variety of subjects. Registration is required but is free.

Educational Press
Print and create games, worksheets, puzzles and more on a variety of subjects and grade levels. Takes a bit of getting used to but then easy to use.

Yet another puzzle and worksheet maker. Play around and find the one you like the most. They serve different purposes and I use them all for different things.

PBS Teacher Source
As with all things on PBS use your own discretion when following lesson plans and ideas here. There are some gems in here but you may have to wade through some junk too. Often lesson plans will coincide with shows seen on PBS.

History Channel Study Guides
Like many other educational TV stations lesson plans are offered to correspond to shows past and present.

Discovery Lesson Plans
Searchable index by age and topic for a wide variety of lesson plans. Written by and for teachers these lesson plans outline supplies and many details as well as future followup.

National Geographic Creature Feature
A very fun interactive way to learn about wide variety of animals. Includes video and sound clips as well as interesting facts about each animal. The whole NG for kids site has more resources available as well.

There are many other resources but this should give you a good start.

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  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Thank you, again, for your helpful resources. I think there are several others we use from time to time, but one that we really enjoy and just recently discovered is

    We use the Science link on this site very frequently, and my kids love it. Thank you for the encouragement of your blog.