March 1, 2007

Mall Scavenger Hunt List

We did our annual Mall of America scavenger hunt and it was a great success again this year. We had two divisions: K-3 and 4th grade and up. Each division had three teams and they all worked off the same list. They had exactly one hour to get as many pictures of their items as they could. The rule was all team members needed to be in each picture and they got extra points for doing each one in height order and for creativity. Final results are not yet in as I await photos. Thought I would share the list we worked off - it is slightly modified from my previous list if anyone has used that one.

This list is pretty Mall of America specefic given the items there but you could easily modify it for your own local mall by taking out some things and adding in others. I tried to make the list so they would need to be in as few stores as possible - with MOA that is easy as there is so much open space. Anyway Enjoy and feel free to email me with any questions.


Mall of America Scavenger Hunt List
10 points
___Jango Fett from Star Wars
___all on an escalator
___in front of a fountain
___a big fish tank
___an airplane (not military one)
___all stuffed into a photo or song booth
___a bird
___lily pad
20 points
__wearing a funny piece of clothing (everyone in hats, boa scarves, etc)
__some people (more than one) you do not know waving with you
__doing a superman pose with Superman
__a janitor doing his/her job
__playing an instrument (only one person needs to)
__a store clerk with you (can not also count as person you do not know or janitor)
__a military plane
__red white and blue star – think MOA logo
30 points – only one winner each category per division – if the same item is selected judge will make final decision based on creativity
__up on a stage doing a funny pose (funniest pose wins)
__Biggest real food item
__the biggest balloon
__the biggest dinosaur you can find
__with the funniest sign you can find
__the tallest Lego tower you can build
__the tallest structure you see in the mall
__the largest stuffed animal you can find
__the biggest car you can find
__largest photo/painting of a movie star
__store with the longest name
__the most interesting picture with an item you decide (write what it is here__________)

50 points __ The baseball seat from Metropolitan Stadium that commemorates a 520 foot home run hit by Harmon Killebrew on June 3, 1967
-hint it is mounted on a wall 520 feet from home plate - “Run Forrest Run”
(75 points if you have pictures of both the seat and home plate with your team)

Extra Notes – to be used by judges only but you should read!
+2 points for every picture you are in height order.
-10 points every minute late!!!!!
Please write your team name on your sheet as well as your team letter
Please number your entries in the order you take the pictures

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