March 15, 2007

Narration on Magellan

Magellan was a man who like Christopher Columbus wanted find the cost of India. He set sail on some ships, his people on the ship fell sick with scurvy and begged him to go back for there was very little water and hardly any food at all. He refused to go back when he had come so far. Magellan never found the route to India as he had set out to do. He was the first man to sail all the way around the world. During his journey he named an ocean he crossed the Pacific which means calm.

Magellan never actually made it around the world, just his ships did. But people just call it that he was the first one because it is easier to say that. He did not make it because he was killed in a battle in the Philippians with local warrior tribes. His ships carried on without him with only 35 men still aboard the rest of the ships had been drowned, lost or turned back. The last ship finally returned to Spain without Magellan aboard.

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    Great job telling the story. I learned many new facts that I did not know. I really enjoyed reading this.

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