March 28, 2007

The Man Purse

Okay 32 years I have resisted and now technology has dragged me over to the dark side and I concede I need a purse. We spent much of yesterday in stores for a variety of things and I actually really looked in the bag section and I was completely disappointed and disillusioned and convinced I have had it right for this long. Still summer is coming and I can not deny I really have too much stuff I carry with me regularly stuffed in my coat pockets and I do not always want to use the fanny pack that I do love.

Still I am convinced it is not a purse I need - it is a man purse, gadget bag or even a messenger bag. Really it is all my technology that is pushing me to consider carrying this at all. After bag diving for years now to find the thing I need mixed in with library books, kids books, diaper bag supplies, etc I think I am ready to move to some sort of smaller bag then my canvas grocery bags or my coat pockets.

Fashion rather than practicality seems to drive most women's handbags I have seen or maybe I do not have the same practical needs as most women. What I want to carry is my bulging wallet (from all our membership cards), my Blackberry (does not fit in most cell phone slots of women bags), my ipod, my digital camera and possibly our DVR. Note it is all technology. I would also like space enough to carry a brush (for our girls hair), a small paperback book (I wait a lot) and some tissues. That would be all I would need. The things I have in my pockets all year long. And something I can hook my keys onto - they of course are on a carabener.

Anyone else out there just need a purse for technology? Any great ones you use? I want easy and quick immediate access to my cell phone and wallet - am I asking too much? I think I am in now officially in the man purse market as a woman. Maybe it is Jack Bauer's bag I need.

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  1. Empressbarb12:03 PM

    A leather bag in a neutral color(light brown) with several pockets inside, a shoulder strap, a zipper or snap closing...that would work, for all situations save a formal one. Try a diaper bag or satchel. The leather would be rugged enough to withstand most of your activities and still hold its shape. The closing (zipper, snap) is for security, wide open bags invite pickpockets...Your purse is not a statement of your worth or your competence, only your practical need for hauling stuff.