March 14, 2007

Ciaran's Future Hobby

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  1. Marla6:49 PM

    That is such a neat video! You guys seem to watch movies every so often; if you (parents only!!!!) get a chance to see the newest James Bond film, the opening scene is AMAZING with this kind of thing. I was blown away. My husband had to convince me that it wasn't CG. The jumping is what boggles my mind. I think my son would love to do that someday, too!
    BTW, I read your blog a lot; I have three children and we are considering homeschooling (my oldest is 4.) I actually have five children living in my home, but the older two are my step-blessings (they live with us full time) and are much older, they are pretty firmly entrenched in the school system. Anyway, I really really enjoy your blog and your lessons and your approach (I'll probably end up doing a loose combo of Charlotte Mason, Robinson Curriculum, and Sonlight), and when I have some extra $$ I'd like to leave a contribution! Also, thanks so much for getting me turned on to Enchanted Learning. Great site! We are in the "getting ready for preschool" stage, which means we read read read read and go outside every chance we get! :)
    Wow, sorry for the looong intro/rambling. I just thought it was great that someone else had seen those guys go at it!
    Thanks again