March 26, 2007

We spent all day outside. Nature walks, nature notebook sketches, building tree forts, cracking ice, at the playground, at the park, in the creek and lots and lots of mud!

I took a similar picture of Rhiannon today sitting in a tree sketching her nature notebook picture. She was so peaceful and happy and I wish that tree was in our yard so she could always read there. It was a giant oak perfect for climbing and sitting in. A few weeks ago I sent a picture to my family of my kids laying on our kitchen table side by side doing their school work, now it was in a tree - have to love the non-traditional spaces we learn and live and play in. So thankful for being able to remind our kids we are learners in all spaces all through our lives.

This is my spirit too - in a tree, on a hike at the beach - I just love being in nature. I felt a part of me come alive and out of hibernation these past few weeks as the spring thaw has come. Yes I know it will get cold again before we are warm for good but I am going to take in all the sun and these long awaited moments after our winter. I am a nature mom. I love being outdoors exploring when it is warm and sunny. It does my spirit good to be outside in the sun.

I even let the kids get head to toe muddy and simply hosed down their shoes and sent them right to the bath as they got home. I hate mud but sometimes you just have to love it. Now as I type this Sirah is clean as a whistle wearing a red satin dress, white tights and a beautiful tiara dancing to my music. Quite a contrast to her mud caked Incredible Hulk and red checked pants she was wearing earlier covered to her elbows in mud. I am thankful she is both and slides so comfortably between the worlds.

Well the fresh air beckons again. Have a great day and take a moment to climb into a tree and think for yourself or at least let your kids do it.


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