January 8, 2007

Family Bio

It's been awhile since I updated our bio so here you go.

There is Serona (the dad), he recently turned 32 and is in the middle of a career change. He has spent the past 6 years as a a senior computer consultant and manager for a small software company. He is transitioning into a Director of Product Managment position for a very large software company. He has two undergrad degrees in Political Science and Philosophy and a graduate degree in Communications, and is also a former debater. His interests are reading, writing (especially fantasy and science fiction), keeping up with current events and politics, wine tasting and blogging. He loves anything and everything Star Wars, acting and playing Xbox games.

Then there is me, Tenn, also 32 and a Stay at Home Mom. My undergrad studies were in Environmental Politics and I have an MA in Communications with an emphasis on Social Movements and Argumentation. My main interests are: reading, blogging, journaling, research, hiking, biking, crocheting, and knitting. I have recently started watching some TV shows on DVD with Serona - a real stretch for my 15 years of no watching TV, but atleast it is just on DVD and on my own time.

Next come the children: Rhiannon, Ciaran, and Sirah. Rhiannon is 7 years old and in second grade. She loves horses, fairies and her American girl dolls. Her current favorite fairy is Rani and her most recent American girl doll is Kirsten. She has also recently developed a passion for art, especially sketching and colored pencil coloring. She is an avid reader and we can't keep ahead of her. Recent reads include all the American girl books, the Little House series, Fairy Realm series and all the Disney Fairy books. She also enjoys reading classics like Anne of Green Gables and Peter Pan. She enjoys dancing, rock climbing and playing dress up with her sister and friends. Some of her favorite games to play are gin rummy and da vinci's code. In the summer she likes biking and swims like a fish.

Ciaran is almost 6 now and all boy. He loves his new punching bag and learning boxing from dad. He still loves frogs in an amazing way and has developed a real passion for science, especially nature and the human body. He has started reading and is doing well with it. He loves video games and would play Monkey Ball or snowboarding all day if he could. He also enjoys playing nearly any board game he can get someone to play with him and doing puzzles. He has started to show a real interest in K'nex and seems to have a natural skill for it. He plays with his star wars action figures, cars, blocks and trains. He also loves to dress up as a knight or prince. We recently got a foosball table that he can be found at every day and he reaches the top of the climbing wall with ease now. He is swimming very well and loves his water rockets. He is loud and proud and has a contagious smile and a genuine spirit that is very loveable. His newest passion is music, he loves his choirs and he works hard at it learning all his songs and motions and singing them with passion and pride.

Sirah, she is the kind of little girl that makes everyone wish they had more little ones. She is very cute and adorable and she knows it and works that angle pretty well. I find myself treasuring her hugs and just pulling her into my lap and holding her more and more knowing that she is growing so rapidly now. She is three and her newest milestone, no more pullups (first time out of diapers and pull ups for our family in 7 and a half years!!!!) She loves animals, especially dogs and kittens. She got Bitty Baby twins for Christmas and they are her newest friends she plays with, joining her care bears and of course Special Bear who came from London, a traditional Winnie the Pooh bear at tea parties. She loves music and sings all the time, even when she goes to the bathroom. She has recently taken to dress up and playing fairies and horses so Rhiannon will play with her. She plays board games with Ciaran and moves easily between them and their interest. She is now showing more and more interest in being read to and started sledding for the first time. When she talks you think she is much older and she is very expressive of her opinions and desires. She has a very cute dispostion and a fiery temper that is actually cute if you can imagine that. Her favorite pastime is "cooking" food for us all in her kitchen, setting up her grocery store and ringing us up with her cash register and being my actual assistant in the kitchen while I cook. She seems to have a passion and interest for food and serving others.

Rounding out our family are our Australian Shepherds, a four year old male and a 2 year old female. They are loving, patient and friendly though fiercely protective of the kids. They love to run and spend time in the yard. Oh and chew lots of cardboard and run dirt paths in our yard!

We are Christian, environmentalists, social justice advocates, vegetarians, right-leaning, techies, outdoors loving, non-tv watching, attachment parenting, homeschooling, crunchy conservatives, friendly, funny, highly educated, readers, and researchers) So come get to know us and stay awhile. We love having you.

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