January 3, 2007

Printables Online

I really do love homeschooling in this day and age. Using the internet for resources makes everything so easy. Nearly every day I print something off to use in our schooling. Whether it be a coloring sheet, a dot to dot, a manuscript worksheet, a math practice page, pictures or descriptions of a topic we are working on or the many other things I print out I am thankful for it.

Resources are just seconds away, easy to find and print out and use here in our home. It truly is a blessing. For our stage right now I love that I can print out manuscript pages for numbers, letters and even cursive. There are even tools that let you write your own sentences to print out.

When we first started I bought an expensive letter stamp kit and it was messy and never really worked perfectly. Using printable pages online gives me consistency every time and an unlimited reuse. Thank you to all who provide free resources and thank you to google for making it so easy to find.


1 comment:

  1. Links, links, links! Do you have some favorites for manuscript practice? My husband has been typing up some silly sentences for copywork for the girls, but I'd love to have some more resources.