January 7, 2007

New Homeschool Coop Classes

We will restart our homeschool cooperative soon. For this semester I will be co-teaching a Little House on the Prairie literature class for the 2nd-4th graders. We will most likely use On the Banks of Plum Creek and end the class with a field trip to Plum Creek since it is located in our state not too far away. More details to follow as we plan and execute the class.

I will also be teaching a research class for 5th grade and up students. I will target the class for the older end of this spectrum but allow younger students willing to do the work to join the class. The focus of this class will be to give the students a basic understanding of the value of research, how to approach a topic, how to narrow and choose resources, how to integrate resources into your writing or assignments and how to navigate different sources such as the internet, the library and newspapers.

As always I am excited for the upcoming semesters and look forward to another great group of classes from this group and am thankful for the opportunity to share some of my skills and to teach so many neat kids.

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