January 27, 2007

New Homeschool Coop Classes

Our homeschool cooperative is about to start up again for the spring semester. We are excited for our classes both the ones the kids are taking and the ones I am teaching. Ciaran and Sirah will be in their age group for Five in a Row type classes. First hour they study a book and do activities and lessons based on the book. Second hour they do crafts and music and snack time. Third hour is organized games and free playtime.

Rhiannon is taking a science experiments class, a physical education class and the On the Banks of Plum Creek Little House class I will be teaching.

I am co-teaching her Plum Creek class. We will learn about the time period and lessons from the book. I am using the Prairie Primer as a basis for lessons and supplementing with other resources I have and got from the library. We will have food and music each class as well as craft time. For the main craft we will have the kids work on sewing their own 9 patch quilt. At the end of the session they should have that finished and we may do some other small prairie crafts.

My other class is a research class for 7th-10th graders. I will cover a brief introduction to research. Some of the things we will cover are proper citations and bibliographies, finding resources in the library and online, primary and secondary sources, credibility and bias in sources, organizing your research, narrowing and widening your topic as needed, drawing conclusions from research, putting it into a paper or position, the importance of context in research and critically evaluating research and resources. I am excited for the class.

Keep an eye out for future lesson plans on these topics.

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  1. Patti6:45 AM

    Your blog is just a wealth of information. Thank you for sharing all that you do. I am a homeschool mom of dd 9, dd 8 and ds 2. Being the leader of a group in our area, I am always searching for new ideas and ways to make our group more effecient and as useful to as many families as possible. I came to your blog just recently and have found so many wonderful ideas. Thanks again for all of this.