January 8, 2007

Physics Circus

We recently went on a fun field trip called The Physics Circus. It is a great and interesting show. Like they said at the end of the show Physics is interesting, understandable and fun! Ciaran and Rhiannon both seemed to really enjoy the show and Sirah was okay, though grew impatient by the end.

The show was filled with interesting things you can do with physics and the kids were amazed and interested in them. I am glad my kids are young though because if Ciaran was 12 or 13 I am not so sure I would have been thrilled with the demonstration of how to teepee a house using a leaf blower or how to propel yourself on wheels with a fire extinguisher! But since I am pretty safe, for the time being, from them doing those things I was able to relax and enjoy the show.

Ciaran's favorite part was when they demonstrated the force of air pressure by launching a ping pong ball through three pop cans and across the stage just with air pressure! Rhiannon's favorite was when they shot a billiard ball from a cannon while simultaneously dropping a man from a crane and he caught the ball with his glove because both objects fall at the same rate. Sirah's favorite part was when they launched an egg with a slingshot and caught it in a sheet and it did not break.

All in all the show was entertaining, fast moving and enjoyable. Majority of the audience was public school groups and a few other homeschool groups joined us. It was a nice way to spend the morning and it fueled Ciaran's love of science more and gave Rhiannon some insight and interest that science is fun. If you have an opportunity to see this show or one like it I highly recommend it.


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