January 18, 2007

You May Not Read Shakespeare Without my Permission!

Now there is a sentence you do not expect to utter to your 7 year old child. Or atleast I did not anticipate the words come out of my mouth until they did. I walked into our home library to find our copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare open on the couch. The only person that could or would have opened it was Rhiannon, our 7 year old daughter.

What would have possesed her to do so I am not quite sure. Perhaps because it was on our leather bound bookshelf next to her copy of Anne of Green Gables? Perhaps because it is one of the largest books and she wanted to know if she could read it? Perhaps because she remembered us talking about him recently.

At any rate for sure there is content inappropriate for her to read in there and I doubt she can understand much of it anyway. So out the words come and a reminder that she may not just pick up any book in our library and start reading without permission. She may read any book in her section but not any book.

The things I have to say as a parent confound me sometimes.


  1. I love every minute of it.

    Family Forever

  2. That is so great! What have you been using with her at her level for Shakespere? I've heard the Shakespere for Kids series is great and want to buy some of the titles this spring when we purchase our school supplies (our library doesn't carry them)