August 22, 2007

Roomba and Dogs

Well today it is all over the tech new that there is a newly released version of Roomba. Well we have the Roomba Disoovery and this is our third generation Roomba which brought us in on version 2-4. Overall we have been happy though we had an experience this week that made me rethink Roomba.

We have two Australian Shephers who blow their coats twice a year leading us to need to vacuum twice a day at times and cringe every time they lay on the carpet to rise leaving huge clumps of hair. Well Roomba dutifully picks it up throughout the house and as long as we are faithful about cleaning her brushes (yes the kids decided this model was a she) she manages just fine.

The other morning Serona and I could not shake the fact that something smelled like dog poop. To our strong displeasure we discovered it was Roomba! Somehow she got into dog poop. My best guess was in cleaning our show closet something from the bottom of a shoe or maybe something the dog dragged in. This is one of those moments that you can avoid if you actually vacuum yourself. I am thinking most people would notice a pile of dog poop before they went through it. Roomba is not blessed with such skill and so it fell to us to spend a good part of our morning taking her apart and cleaning out poop from places we have never discovered roomba had before.

So there you go, a downside to roomba. Course most normal situations do not cause this I mean i guess you look at our odds three kids, two dogs, a hiking muddy family and four years of roomba before something like this happened. Rest assured all is well and she has been humming along and cleaning our carpets without any problems for the past few days.


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