August 8, 2007

Sneak Peek

Want a sneak peek at some lesson plans you may seem coming from me this fall? Here are my class descriptions for our homeschool co-op. This semester I will teach two classes: nature notebooking (2nd-4th grade) and Star Wars Study (5th-high school).These descriptions are first drafts and subject to change but here is a sneak peek at the topics I will teach and what you can look forward to finding more detailed lesson plans on through the fall.

Nature Notebook: Join us as we explore God's creation outdoors and draw, write, sketch our favorite memories. Class each week will include walking outside on the grounds and finding something in nature to sketch or write about. On poor weather days we will sketch from artifacts or pictures indoors. This is not a how-to draw class but rather a time to express your love for nature through artwork, poetry or whatever else you can fit into your notebook.

Star Wars Study: You loved the movies now come learn a bit more about the characters and films. What really makes that lightsaber sound? When did Luke "come of age"? Was Anakin truly good or evil? Who is Jocasta Nu? Get just a glimpse at what goes into making a film.

Each student will pick a character (from an assigned list) to focus on for the semester as we learn more about the creation of the films. While having seen the films is not mandatory a fresh working knowledge of the whole saga (Episodes 1-6) would be most useful to you. Besides isn't it fun to have an excuse to watch 9 hours and 22 minutes of movies?

In class we will cover film and literary topics like: plot, theme, setting, soundtrack, special effects and more. Class work will include some outside homework such as reading material provided, watching the movies, short writing and your role in a class project of creating a short Star Wars fan film.

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