January 14, 2006


Okay so I am a bit late in this. But in the spirit of delurking week - a bit late please leave a comment and let me know you are around! Like Scooby over at A Place to Grow said it feels good to get comments and hear from those of you who are out there reading. I suppose I need to go delurk as well. But for those of you who regularly read you will understand why delurking week has been challenging here, for the rest of you scroll down to read about Rhia's surgery and recovery!

Anyway leave a comment, say hi, and let me know where you found me if you want. Be sure to include your blog in case I've never visited!



  1. Peek a boo!

    Nice to see you again :o)

  2. Hey Tenn - this delurking thing is allright. We should do it more often! Glad the surgery went well.

  3. Tenn, thanks for coming over and commenting! I kept meaning on putting up a delurking week post and procrastinating on it. . . So I appreciate the initiative of you coming over and commenting anyway. *grin*

  4. De-lurking week was fun. I am so glad you made a comment, cause I didn't know if you ever stopped by. Thanks! I lurk too!

  5. Hi! Thanks for such great ideas! I hope your family has a healthy 2006!

    Oh, I'm over at welove2learn

  6. De-lurking. Hi, Tenn!

  7. Melissa3:33 PM

    Hi Tenn, I've been praying for your family during the past 2 weeks. Hope everyone is doing well.

    I don't blog (don't know how) but stop by at least 3xs a week to check your site out...awesome ideas for me since we live in Mn as well and need field trip ideas. Thanks, terrific site you have here. Love & prayers, Melissa