January 22, 2006

Snow Plow and Snow Lesson Plans

Since we will soon be taking a field trip to see the snow plows and talk about snow safety, I thought I would put together some resources to go with the theme. Since our field trip will have kids from a wide variety of ages I have included a wider variety of age material. This is not meant for you to do everything listed here, we certainly will not. Rather, you can pick and choose what looks fun and interesting to you. Parents should preread and prescreen any sites for their kids as I have not done that.


Snow Related Activities

Online Interactive Winter Storm Word Search

Interactive Blizzard Drive

Snow Printouts, Activities and Ideas

Building Snow Plows with Legos
Lego Snow Plow Lesson,
Sample Lego Snow Plow in stages,5th lesson with worksheet.

Snow Science Experiments and Information

Salt Melting Snow

Salt Melting Ice

Snow Density Experiment

Technical Description of why salt melts ice

Melting Snow density experiment

Grow a Snowflake


Avalanche experiment
Good info site
NOVA avalance

Arts and Crafts

Make Snow Goggles

Snow Crystal Art

For Preschoolers

Many Snow related themes and ideas

Snow Related Food

Some fun snow games and activities

General Info

Weather Channel Winter Lesson Plan

MnDot info

Create a Winter Survival Kit

Building an Igloo

Another Building igloos

Building a Snow Castle

History of Snow, Blizzards and more

Snowplow Pictures

Salt Truck Pictures

Types if Snowfall
There are many kinds of snowy conditions that you may encounter
1. Weather forecasters use many of these terms and you should know what they mean
2. Snow flurries
a. Intermittent snowfall that may reduce visibility
3. Snow showers
a. Intermittent but heavier than flurries
4. Snow squalls
a. Brief, intense snowfall with gusty winds
5. Normal snowfall
a. Steady falling of snow
6. Lake effect snow
a. Snow that falls downwind of the Great Lakes when a cold wind blows over the warmer water surface
7. Heavy snow
a. 4 to 6 inches in 12 hours or 6 inches or more in 24 hours
8. Blowing and drifting snow
a. Strong winds and poor visibility for a lengthy period of time
9. Blizzard
a. Steady snowfall with blowing snow
b. Sustained winds of 35 mph or higher
Taken from Bus Driver Snow Safety Guidelines.

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  1. Calling for more howling weather tomorrow--we look forward to lego snowplows and learning about the different kinds of snow weather! *THANK YOU*!

    All's grace,
    Ann Voskamp