January 11, 2006

High Fever

Rhiannon must have caught something viral. She has had a temp between 102 and 104 for the last two days. The fever really seemed to knock her down. It is so hard as a parent to feel so helpless when you want to help so much.

Both Ciaran and Sirah were also sick and the needs of the kids has been draining. I did manage to get some sleep last night as my father stayed up with Rhia. She was up and about more today. She even asked me to cook her eggs and played a board game with Grandpa. She managed a bath and walking around some, inclduing the staircase. Her spirits are slowly rising and we pray the rise in fever tonight does not bring them back down.

Grandpa headed back to New York today but grandma is here for a longer visit to help out. We have had very generous friends including two meals provided and another friend who wants to take all my dirty laundry and wash it for me! What blessings.

Well off to put the kids to bed and maybe get some sleep myself.


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