January 24, 2006

Melting Ice Science Experiment

After our trip to the snow plow safety class we wanted to do a follow-up science activity from the snow activity list.

We choose to do a Salt Melting Ice Experiment.

We made two cups of water with two different color dyes, we chose red and blue. In one cup we added two teaspoons of salt. Rhiannon made a hypothesis that the one with salt would melt the ice and the one without would make more ice (only it would be blue ice). Rhiannon mixed up the solution and Ciaran got to pour the solutions on the ice in our driveway. We chose some of the thickest ice left. Here are some pictures from our experiment:

Ice Before Experiment.

Ice As we Poured Solution On - they both appear to be melting the ice a bit.

Ice After Solution Has Been on 30 minutes.

End Result. The salted water (red) melted through the ice and the ice nearby, it was easy to chip away at the ice with your foot. The unsalted water (blue solution) froze over the hole it intially made in the ice and made a layer of blue ice above the other ice.

Rhiannon's hypothesis was correct even though the intial observation would have made her believe it was wrong. Showing the importance of observing results at different time intervals.

This was an easy and fun experiment.

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  1. It would be interesting to try that with water that had sat outside for a half hour or so and compare pics :)