March 27, 2006

Bats Lesson

Impromptu lesson for Ciaran who turns 5 this week. He has been starting to want to do more and more each day.

Lately he has been very into doing connect the dot puzzles. I start nearly each morning by printing out a few connect the dots for him. Today he was looking over my shoulder and asked for the bat printout.

He did a connect the dots and then asked me if he could learn about bats. He wants to see pictures of them, know about their sounds and what their claws are used for. He wanted to see a video.

So I began my google searches with: creature feature bats. Creature Feature is a neat part of the National Geographic for kids website that offers videos, audio and fact files on a wide variety of animals. Here is the link for vampire bats.

We began by watching a video on vampirew bats. It showed a video of a vampire bat flying and catching prey as well as a group of them together. Then we read the fun fact files and learned about them. We listened to a one minute audio clip and located where they live on a world map. Then we sent daddy a postcard at work where Ciaran dictated to me all he learned and wanted to share with daddy.

Then we did a google image search for bats and looked at a variety of pictures. We watched a few brief video clips from and will end with reading a Gail Gibbons book on bats.

It was quick, easy and fun. I love google!

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