March 3, 2006

Blue Sky Bluebird Narration

A male bluebird finds a female. Then they find a place to nest. The female lays four eggs, shiny as the morning blue sky. For two weeks she sits on her eggs. Then they push out of their shells. The last baby bluebird pushes out of his shell. Soon it is time to learn to fly. When they are all 19 months old they come out. THeir mother and fathers try to coax them out by holding their meal, spiders and worms, in their beaks to try to coax them out. Then they all try to fly. Their wings work beautifully but one bluebird refuses to come out of the nest. He stays in there and one winter night snow made him freeze and shiver and he flew out into the night and found his family nestled in a tree. He joins them next spring the father and mother go back to mate and have a second litter. Older children help take care of the new youngsters getting food, protecting from predators, they work as a team. Soon it is time for he and his sisters to go out and find mates of their own. Once again the story is started.

Book written by Rick Chrustowski
Narration by Rhiannon

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