March 21, 2006

Call Now MN

They are heading into committee. Be sure to call NOW! Olson is against this bill already so you know the others did not state positions as I got legislative assistants primarily.

Please call the Education Committee today and urge each senator to
vote against S.F. 2124. Tell them, "This bill is unnecessary. It
restricts parental choice and wastes taxpayer money. Please vote 'No'
on SF 2124!"

Education Committee:

Senator Steve Kelley, Chairman
(651) 297-8065
Senator Rod Skoe, Vice-Chair
(651) 296-4196
Senator Gen Olson, Ranking Minority Member
(651) 296-1282
Senator Michele Bachmann
(651) 296-4351
Senator Tarryl Clark
(651) 296-6455
Senator David Hann
(651) 296-1749
Senator Geoff Michel
(651) 296-6238
Senator Tom Saxhaug
Senator LeRoy Stumpf
(651) 296-8660
Senator David Tomassoni
(651) 296-8017

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