March 27, 2006

Our day

Decided to share a glimpse into our day today. Enjoy.

Woke up around 6:30am to two kids and a dog in our room. One child had already been there for several hours. Serona let the dog out and sent the kids back to their rooms. I stayed in bed another half hour. We got everyone up and ready and out the door to drive Serona to work. Back home again for breakfast and a little bit of play time. During free playtime Ciaran finished building a train track in the living room, Sirah made a little bed for her doll who was going to sleep and Rhiannon built a stable and house for her horses and princesses, I caught up on a few emails.

We headed downstairs to start our school day. Rhia began with her Miquon math book and Ciaran with some dot to dots. Ciaran and I did a quick mini-lesson on bats at the desk next to Rhia while she worked on fractions and I answered questions for her. Meanwhile Sirah played nearby tracing stencils and doing puzzles. She grew impatient and I put on a playsongs video from Karen Henley that she does motions to and sings to. I finished working with Ciaran and Rhia who had then moved on to working on her Illustrated Bible project.

Sirah is pretending she is making cookies, and Ciaran is playing with powerful magnets trying all sorts of different things. Now he is working on his Orange Miquon book matching numbers and sets and practicing writing his numbers. Sirah came up to me and said "I need to do my exercises to get healthy." She began climbing up and down our indoor little slide. She informed me "This is a hard game. Now I need a drink of waters." Then after awhile she picked up some chalk and is drawing a big picture of me on our wall. We painted nearly an entire with chalkboard paint

I have been listening to "Mom watch me" and "Mommy are you watching and "Look" or "What's next." I go back and forth continually and sometimes simoltaneously with all three of them. It can tiring and at times they all are very demanding at the same time. But it is also more rewarding and I see how much we get done in a day.

Signing off for now at 11:30am - more to follow.

Ciaran and Sirah are playing Candlyland DVD - a fun game that burns ALOT of energy and they both enjoy it and get along while they play. I can manage the play while I work with Rhia on other things. She is reading a chapter from science. Right now we are working through a book about the human body and having good health.

I had one plan for science and we flushed it. Serona picked up an old science textbook at a garage sale and Rhia picked it up one day and started reading it and she loved it. So we worked through one entire science book already. Then at our support group book sale I found a few other texts like it. Think the typical science school book you were probably raised with. She chooses to read one chapter a lesson and then we talk about it. As she finds something of more interest we follow up with a more whole book approach and with web resources making it more of a unit study. This way she gets to read a braod base of information but go into more details.

Today she has read about bones, joints and muscles. She asked to do a little experiment about muscles while she held she muscles to see how they feel when she uses them. Then she asked to learn more about hinges and joints and the things that let our body move this way. After a quick google search: hinges joints kids - the second listing gave this ueful website with a short pictorial description with a brief image that shows the motion of your knee as a hinge joint.

Ciaran and Sirah played Lucky Ducks a noisy board game that works on matching colors. Rhiannon is walking around practicing the recorder. So my life is very loud now! These are the moments you question your sanity. Thankfully they are not all day and they last very briefly.

Rhiannon asked to learn the "song from Pollyana" which is America the Beautiful she read and practiced the lyrics for a few times after I sang it twice and then practiced singing it herself twice before we did it again with the lyrics. We ended the morning with a round of "Mr Mint says" from Candyland DVD for all of them, a play on Simon Says.

Off to make lunch now, signing off at 12:30


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