March 29, 2006

Music Recommendation

A friend recently introduced me to the CD Station Wagon by Sara Groves. It is truly a great cd for parents. Similar in sound and style to Sara Mclachlan, this Christian singer has great lyrics and a powerful voice. This particular CD is only available at her website or her concerts. You can listen to clips and view lyrics before purchasing.

Slow to buy cd's since I use streaming music this is one I am thankful I have. Will listen to on my computers and will be my car cd. AS if I ever get a chance to listen to my music in the car, we are currently on Charlie and the Glass Elevator. Thanks Mamadala!

In Him,

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you like it! I've been telling people about it for a long time, but most people want to hear a song before they buy.

    This is one of those CD's that kids and parents can both enjoy. All my kids (ages 6-13) love this one.