April 2, 2006

Curriculum Feedback

I am contemplating Explode the Code and Apologia Science for next year. Has anyone used these and have any feedback?



  1. We used apologia and the kids liked it. They didn't really need alot of guidance from us and I think they went a long way toward satisfying questions between creation and science. Like anything, '(home)school curriculum' is just a foundation for all the learning they do. So, IMO, when it comes to science (and some other subjects) it's more important that it be interesting than university level content. From what I saw of it, it definitely filled the bill.

  2. I used the Explode the Code Primers(Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code, Go For the Code)with my oldest and then moved on to the regular books. We got about half way through Explode the Code 1 before she was bored to death with it....I'd like to say I loved it and only stopped because she was no longer interested. I am using the primers now with my 4 yr old and she loves them. I will use the Explode the Codes afterwards if she stays interested. HTH