April 18, 2006

Just Let Me Get My Crown

Sentences just uttered as we are walking out the door to pick up Serona:

Mom: Okay we are leaving now
Rhiannon: Okay just let me get my crown!

Perhaps it is not as funny as I write it. But it is fitting of first daughter who thinks she wears a tiara throughout life. I love her but sometimes she really thinks she is a princess and the world will wait as she "Just gets her crown!"

She is dressed in full dress up Princess Aurora crown and all to go pick up daddy.

1 comment:

  1. My Emmadala thinks she is the queen of the world (like Amidala was the queen of Naboo). We even have a song about it. We have to end it with "just kidding," though, otherwise she takes it too seriously.

    A wonderful book we have is called "The True Princess." It tells the story of the daughter of the king, and how being a true princess means caring about others and serving them, rather than waiting to be served. Great story for all those daughters of the King out there.