April 4, 2006

Spring Moments

I love these spring days - we actually got over 50 today and it felt WONDERFUL! The kids and I headed up to the library. We got some books and then headed for a walk around our downtown area. We stopped in at a store and the kids each got to pick out a little toy. Sirah picked an Audobon bird, the kind that make the actual animal sounds, Rhiannon a princess from the knight series and Ciaran a paratrooper with parachute. We also picked up The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe which came out on DVD today. I treated the kids to a slushie drink and a big pretzel.

Mostly we had fun being outside. We explored the new grass growing under the dead grass, saw our first birds nest, explored rocks, climbed hills and ran in the grass. We played ring around the rosey and sat and watched the sunset. We talked about the clouds and wondered at God's creation. Rhiannon asked for a moment alone and she got down on her knees and prayed, she was really in awe of his creation today. The kind of moments you just want to bottle.

It was fun walking hand in hand with the kids and just being outside again. I am a much better mommy when the weather is nice. I really come alive much more and we just have a lot more fun. We enjoy exploring the world together and it is so much easier to do outside! We smiled, we laughed, we were silly, we were explorers, we held hands and we were goofy at times. People kept smiling at us as they passed by in their cars or a few on foot.

Tommorrow the kids vowed we need to get a garbage bag and go around town picking up trash. It is amazing how much stuff was hiding under all that snow and how much needs to be cleaned up. I am glad I have kids who have a sensitive heart for that, of course they come from "tree huggers" so I suppose I should not be shocked!

Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather if you have some of it now! We are supposed to reach the 60's tommorrow! I can hardly believe it but look forward to it.


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