April 10, 2006

Kids, kids and more kids

We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood. As I type this sitting out on my deck there are over 20 running around just in front of my house and the two nearby neighbors. Many ages, birth to about 14 or so I think. All girls and my little Ciaran, the only boy in the neighborhood, but he just joins right in whatever they are doing. Parents are getting home from work and staying outside to enjoy the gorgeous 70 degree day we are having. Cars are actually paying attention and slowing down as they drive past all these kids running around and playing and the kids are doing a fairly reasonable job staying out of the street.

Ciaran and Rhia are right over in the thick of it. Sirah is right here next to me exploring rocks and drawing pictures with chalk and pushing around the stroller and her little car. The dogs are barking with frustration at not being a part of the chaos and fun. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon and early evening. A simple quick stir fry for dinner, we walked to the store to get fresh veggies and we will eat outside. Best time to do it, weather is nice and their are no bugs to speak of. We have spent so much time cooped up indoors that it is wonderful to feel the sun and breeze and enjoy the neighborhood.

Time to put the computer down and play with Sirah,

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