April 24, 2006


Day one of t-ball. Temperature 45 degrees with a blustery and biting wind that had us all (Ciaran excepted) wearing full winter coats and gloves. This very day I had thought about packing them away but remembered it is just April in MN. It was a beautiful 75 yesterday.

Ciaran still did well. He is a lefty - but he can bat either way. He has very good coaches, patient people who obviously love the sport and love kids. He got a uniform and hat which he loved and worked on grounders, pop-flys, hitting off the tee and running the bases. He also got to try his hand at first base.

Ciaran is sometimes a literalist. When he was told to stay in his position (after trying to field a ball on the other side of the field) he literally stayed. A ball went two feet in front of him and he thought he could not move to get it. When the ball went past him at first (either because he missed or it was a bad throw) he thought he could not go retrieve it. His coaches told him to draw a line in the sand for batting and he drew an actual line. He was told to step and then throw and he literally steps, stops and then throws. Think we will be working on some nuances with him :) All in all a great first day of T-ball.

Though to be honest not sure the girls will attend all of the practices and games, two nights a week may be a bit much for them especially if the weather stays like this!!!

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  1. I think that's wonderful the way Rhiannon loves reading so much. And such big books too!

    I got a chuckle out of Ciarnan's misunderstandings!