April 5, 2006

Goodbye Darth Vader: Reflections on Tonsillectomy

Nope this has nothing to do with the movies, rather with Rhiannon. As she sleeps next to me I realized that her Darth Vader breathing and heavy snoring are completely gone! I mean she is silent now. I feel like a mom of a newborn again as I place a hand on her chest to feel it rise and fall she is so still.

Rhiannon's tonsillectomy was rough. It was not the simple surgery we thought it would be. She had complications, vomiting, high fever, dehydration, three weeks of sickness, pneumonia and so on. But still for all that she went through over the course of that tough month I am thankful we did the surgery. She rests so much more peacefully. She can actually sleep through the night now, she never did before I just thought she was a bad sleeper but really her tonsils were making it tough.

She is no longer getting tonsillitis with terrible sore throats every 2-3 weeks. Her voice has changed a bit and she is learning to talk without the adnoids and tonsils in there she sounds younger and clearer. But laying next to her makes me realize just how much she gained from this surgery. She is sleeping so peacefully and as a mom it is wonderful to see. So despite the difficulties she experienced post surgery it was definitely the right choice for her.

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