April 10, 2006

Yield to Pedestrians?

Does this concept exist anymore? It is very frustrating when walking or biking with three children across streets and no one yields to pedestrians. I don't have my kids try to cross in front of cars, against lights or anything like that. We push the button, wait patiently on the curb and enter the street when we have our pedestrian light. But people do not stop! They do not yield, most of the time they don't even look! They are too busy talking on their cell phone, or revving for the light to change to even glance at the sidewalk. Twice in our short walk today I had to yank my kids back up on the sidewalk after we had started into the crosswalk because someone did not pay attention at all. It is exasperating and dangerous! It also sends a terrible message to my kids - that people will not even let them cross the street when it is their turn. I understand most people drive in suburbia and their is more respect for walkers in more urban areas but the law is the same wherever you are.

Just needing to vent. Hope it is better where you live.

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