March 5, 2006

Ciaran Learning to Read

Ciaran has turned the corner and shown a real interest in learning to read lately. Just this week he began asking what letter different words start with, sounding things out and read three of the Bob books. He is very excited and we are going with the interest as it is there.

Until now he mostly choose to do math type games like adding manipulatives or doing suduko puzzles. In addition he has been working on learning his name because then he can get his own library card when he can write it neatly and small enough to fit on the card signature line.

I love these early days of interest in reading. Watching the light bulbs go on as they get it is very exciting to me. He is fast approaching his 5th birthday and these past few weeks has seen a real maturing in him.

I have never pushed him to read or do anything along the school lines yet. Rather I have offered opportunities when he asks for them and occasionally to see if he would like to try something. If he says no we leave it alone until he is interested. Lately, he has enjoyed being read to more and more with a much longer attention span and choosing more and more non-fiction books as opposed to the picture storybooks he usually chooses.

Exciting and fun times ahead,

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  1. That's great! Alison is also nearly five, and I have noticed some maturing and more interest in schoolish things on her part. It's so fun!