April 10, 2007

17 Random Things I Learned Today

Random Things I have learned throughout the day.

-3 year olds should not wash their own hair

-Chameleons change color when they are angry or sick not for camoflauge

-It is possible to spend 2 hours in Target looking for ways for a 6 year old to spend his giftcard!

-2 hours in Target is wearing on a mom with a 7, 6 and 3 year old in tow

-The weatherman is not lying when he says it will snow in April - hopefully he is wrong about how many inches he is predicting!

-Orcas like their tongues rubbed

-Refrigerator liberation day is more palatable with Sprite to drink and the promise of a movie and popcorn for those who finish!

-For some reason math is easier when mom asks the question outloud rather than just reading it off the worksheet yourself.

-We can all hop on one foot, gallop and skip across a room.

-My dogs know how to open our gate and like to adventure through the neighborhood.

-A morphibian really does work in water - though it is messy in a bathroom and then they break and there are tears and tears and did I mention the tears?

-Giving everyone their own special popcorn bucket keeps the peace albeit with a bit more mess.

-Roomba is worth her weight in gold after a movie night with seperate popcorn bins!

-We currently have 71 books out of the library systems (we use two county systems) and have so many different due dates I keep track of them on my calendar yet we still have late fees. I notice the late fees tend to increase when I have more than 100 books checked out of the library. Hmmm...note to self which I will promptly ignore.

-Ciaran is in the 75th percentile for height and weight for kids his age.

-Fairies turn red when they turn bad accordng to Rhia's lovely artwork today.

Saving my favorite for last....

-Sirah now has 17 babies in her heart that one day when she is older and a mom they will come out and she is going to drive a big red bus with lots of baby seats in it!

There are some random moments from our day - how about from yours? Loving those teachable and precious memory moments.


  1. I must say,those are all great things to have learned :)

    Last year, I had 57 books and 4 videos out from the library. Then I got sick and in the chaos of the Mama being sick, all became overdue.Oh...and we lost one book. $97 later, I can use my library card again :p

  2. Have you heard about Library Elf? I'm not using it personally but it seems to be pretty popular!

  3. Great Post! I had to laugh at some of the items listed - it reminded me that today I learned my 2-year old thinks that chihuahuas are large mice. After seeing one today, he said "Bye mouse"!