April 4, 2007


There is nothing quite like a Minnesota March. Where the weather ranges from 1 degree with windchills in the negative teens to 81 degrees! Where we can get two feet of snow and then have it all melt in just a few days.

Well today as I type this, yes in April it happens to be 20 degrees and feel like 4 with windchills. It did in fact snow last night. We did not get the 2-5 inch accumulation they were claiming we might, but I did have to borrow an ice scraper for my car last night to get the ice of my windshield. March and April are just crazy and unpredictable. If you don't like the weather wait a few days and it will just change again. After days and days of gloomy black rain it started to snow but atleast the sun is out again and rumor has it we should be back up in the 50's by week's end.

So what do we do in 20 degree weather in April? We go swimming! Off to the pool. Enjoy your day.

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