April 27, 2007

Venti Coffee with Extra Extra Cream

Okay so you know you have a habit when your kids know your Starbucks order. FYI - it is not my habit. Back in November Serona had to spend a little over a month straight in NYC for work and he came home with a Starbucks habit. At least it is a cheap one as far as Starbucks goes - he just really prefers their coffee and likes a lot of cream in it.

We are a one car family and so when the kids and I want to have the car for the day we need to drive Serona into work first. Often, though not always we will stop at the Starbucks drive through on the way to his office and get his coffee. Today we were bringing him lunch and I decided to surprise him with coffee. We got to the drive through and Ciaran calls out from the back don't forget the "extra, extra cream" and I said what? He said well daddy likes the Venti Coffee with extra extra cream and don't forget to say "Cheers!" when they hand you the coffee.

So there you go - they are always observant and know our habits and preferences just as well as we do sometimes.

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